Celebrating success over the years.

Come Indulge the sporty side of you, or connect with like minded people. Whether it’s teeing off on an 18-hole golf course or leaving up your fitness journey with an adequately equipped gym, there’s something to suit every sporty side of you. Join the exclusive social network that transcends the fairways

Our Story

Established in 1922, Thika Sports Club has stood as a beacon of elegance and camaraderie for nearly a century. What began as a social haven for colonial European farm owners has evolved into a distinguished institution beloved by a diverse community of sports enthusiasts.

Home Away From Home

The Champions Course

It's an 18-hole golf course designed to fully immerse you in the sporting culture. Find your match, arrange a match and dive right into match play. Let conversations and the art of networking guide you to the the 19th hole.


Dining Delight

Discover your signature dish as we serve you our special signature: Pork spare ribs. Refresh with a club special signature drink. There's something specially prepared for you. From family dinners to hosting friends at luncheons, it's great times with a meal to warm every moment of the way.


Gym & Wellness

Equipped with state of the art facilities and guided by a fitness instructor, get ready to mabrk on your fitness transformatoin journey. Relax and unwind in our steam baths and sauna, tailor-made to leave your body feeling rejuvenated and alive.



Dive into the action at our top-notch sports facilities. From fields to courts, we've got everything you need for peak performance. Join us and unleash your athletic prowess!



Unwind in comfort and luxury at our premium rooms and spa facilities. Retreat from the hustle and bustle to indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation. Your ultimate escape awaits.


Swimming Pool

Dive into our refreshing swimming pool for a splash of fitness and fun. Whether you're perfecting your strokes or simply cooling off, our pool offers a refreshing retreat for all aquatic enthusiasts. Join us and make a splash!